ITINÉRANT (2016 – present)


Itinérant is a monthly gathering for performance makers, co-organized by Katie Ward and Dorian Nuskind-Oder.
It is a place to share works-in-progress, and to give and receive critical feedback.
Itinérant wanders from space to space in and around Montreal, in order to activate different parts of our community.

We have been hosted by the following institutions: Usine-C, La Chapelle Scénes Contemporains, Montreal Arts Interculturel, Studio 303, Dance Danse Revolution, and La Poele.



Who should come?
We welcome anyone who is engaged in professional performance practice of any age, background, ability, and aesthetic. It’s a place for professional practice/research and inquiry

How developed does my idea have to be?
Not at all… or a lot, what is important is that sharing feels useful to you and that you have questions for the group.

Why do I have to bring something to share?
We want to ensure a space of mutual vulnerability. This helps build trust feeling of trust because we are all participating equally, no spectators allowed!

But I don’t have anything…
Yes you do! Come on! What are you thinking about? Bring us your question and or source inspirations, and we can talk about it for 15 minutes.

I have performers who are coming to show my work, can they stay and participate in the discussions?

Why do you ask for a two dollar donation?
Dorian and Katie operate Itinérant without funding. We ask for donations to cover costs for space rental for months when we do not have free space.

So this is a labour of love?
Yes this is a labour of love.